Many companies have already identified the need of having experts for data driven cases and projects. Not all of them have the means and ways to employ a data expert who addresses the issues. Other data experts and their companies, however, often find themselves in a situation like this: there is a mass of data topics to be tackled in the company, but only a single Data Scientist who is subsequently fully engaged. The opportunity of exchange with other specialists – which is essential to keep up to date and generate new knowledge – is not given. That’s when the new Data Lab comes into play.

Data Lab at a glance

Comfortable dedicated working space

Comfortable dedicated working space for data innovation sprints in teams

Fully equipped lab

Fully equipped lab with hardware, software and a technical library

Safe data storage

Safe data storage: encapsulated project infrastructure with encrypted data storage

Highly skilled lab staff

Highly skilled lab staff & data scientists at your side

The Data Lab offers one program

Inspire & Learn

Get the expert team you need. Working in agile sprints, there will be a concrete result and innovative solution to your data use cases – not only fast, but secure.

Get your data team »

Your benefits

  • Team: a whole data scientist team without owning one
  • Expertise: from Data Scientists, Project Leads and Product Managers
  • Technology: state-of-the-art hard and software
  • Innovative solutions to your use cases, that are not only fast, but secure!GET YOUR DATA TEAM

Data Excellence Program

In the Data Excellence Program, we let data scientists focus on their core profession, enable intellectual exchange with peers, and train and mentor them, so they come back to their workplace with new ideas, methodologies and a result-driven mindset.

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    Your benefits

    • Experience: We give your data scientist the chance for intellectual exchange by participating in the Data Excellence Program.
    • Motivation: data scientists focus on their core competence and exchange with other data scientists from different industries to foster inspiration.

    • Innovation: the innovation potential  is increased by the acquired knowledge, the exchange and the competence focus. JOIN THE PROGRAM


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